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Java, Javascript and Your Internet Browser

What Are Java and Javascript?

Java and Javascript are programming languages that, among other things, allow executable programs to be embedded in web pages. Java is used in this set of hypertexts for animations and a variety of other interactive functions. Javascript is commonly used for image manipulations and to generate popup windows for explanatory purposes.

Current web browsers, including Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Netscape Navigator, support both Java and Javascript. However, in all cases, Java and Javascript can be disabled, which is sometimes done, particularly in student computer labs.

To determine the status of your brower, here are two tests:

Java: If you can see a pair of jiggling eyes below, then Java is enabled. If you see the message "Java is NOT enabled" or do not otherwise see the eyes, then it is not.

Java is NOT enabled.

Javascript: Use your mouse to click on the link below that says "Is Javascript Working?" If a little window pops up, then your brower is enabled for Javascript. If a window does not pop up, then your brower is not enabled for Javascript.

Is Javascript Working?

How Do I Enable (or Disable) Java or Javascript?

The method used to enable or disable Java or Javascript varies among browers. Look at the options for "Preferences" or "Options-Security" to find the toggle switches.

Last updated on October 8, 2006
Author: R. Bowen
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